UPS Operations

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Uninterrupted Power Systems of different types and sizes are operated by us and maintained through OEM on almost every site that we work in. We need to know the basics of the UPS technology and what we need to check and validate to keep the system reliable.

The linked set of articles cover the basics.

A look at the UPS name plate details and the Operations manual will reveal that the UPS equipment can work without any degradation at temperatures as high as 35 Deg C and can even work at full load for some time at temperatures as high as 40 Deg C.  

It is a different story when it comes to the batteries that are integral parts of the UPS. The size of the battery banks determine the back up time and also the time available to us to get back up main power back on-line.

Batteries are very sensitive to ambient temperature. We need to keep the enclosures where batteries are kept at about 24 Deg C for optimum performance. As the temperature increases, the batteries lose its power retention and the life of the batteries also suffer. The average battery life of about 36 months or more is attainable if the temperature of the enclosure is maintained correctly. 

The HVAC set up for UPS and battery rooms are very critical with respect to the care of the batteries.

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