Communication, Key to Successful Fire Evacuation Plan

Hi all,

Fire accidents can happen anywhere, anytime; with or  without much warning, can be minor or major and can cause catastrophic damage. The picture given below shows the extensive damage caused by a fire that started from a small split AC FCU and spread through the above ceiling space to two adjacent floors.

Burnt down premisesEvacuation during fire incidents is a mandatory requirement in all facilities. The evacuation mock drills are conducted periodically to check the response time of premise occupants and to make the occupants aware of the routes of egress and safe assembly points.

These exercises prepare the designated fire wardens, searchers, safety members to understand their duties and practice the same.

The linked article covers the nuances of fire evacuation with all the related problems faced on ground. We need to highlight to our employees the need to be fully aware of the fire evacuation rules, dos & donts,  roles & responsibilities etc    

Communication Key to Successful Fire Evacuation Plan.