Mobile or Portable or Spot Cooling Solutions

Hi all,

In many of our sites we face some crises caused by faulty HVAC systems leading to servers crashing, control circuits failing, critical operations coming to a grinding halt etc.

We are used to Window type ACs, Split ACs, Split ductable ACs, Central chillers of various sizes and types.

Take a case of critical server rooms that are very sensitive to both temperature and humidity. With the server technology moving at break neck speeds, each server upgrade reduces its footprint, but increases the heat load many fold. In most cases, server upgrades take place in bits and pieces with only the obsolete machines being replaced. This adds to the woes of the infrastructure maintainers.

The replacement servers are normally heat spewing monsters and cause hot spots in the server rooms. The infrastructure maintainers run helter-skelter to control the situation, but most of the time fail to achieve ideal conditions.

Recently I happened to read a few articles and papers regarding mobile / portable / spot cooling AC solutions. I also happened to visit the website of one of the product suppliers specialising in such solutions.  The linked web page has many other links from which you can get further details.