Emergency Response Scenarios – Part 1 – Power Disruptions

Emergency Responses

In our day-to-day functioning we come across many minor and major emergencies that cause production losses in industrial facilities and problems for occupants in office environments. How well we are prepared for such emergencies, would decide on the severity of disruptions during such emergencies.

Power disruptions

Regular power disruptions (planned power cuts or failures) and subsequent failures of captive gensets are major causes of concern. We actually need to plan the maintenance for the gensets, treated as a system, and do them diligently so that the system reliability is high. All the watch-keepers and maintainers need to be fully aware about the emergency procedures and all the likely problems in the system as a whole. There is a need to communicate regularly with the internal customers about the following:

  • Team preparedness for meeting the emergencies.
  • Known problem areas with their effect on operations.
  • Effects and impact of power disruptions.
  • Requirement of fuel / oil / critical spares / other consumables to be held in stock.
  • Modifications / replacements of essential assemblies and sub-assemblies of the system to improve reliability.
  • Agreed time lines as an SLA in case of major power disruptions.
  • Escalation process in case of emergencies.

To amplify the effects of emergencies, three scenarios that actually occurred are explained in Parts 2, 3 and 4 with the background and root causes for the accidents. 

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