Energy Conservation and incentives

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The linked article is more towards the legal aspects of energy conservation, but as infrastructure maintenance professionals, we need to read between the lines to understand how all we could conserve energy.

Waste heat recovery is definitely a less travelled path in older facilities. We waste much energy through heat exchangers and cooling towers. The amount of heat thus wasted could have been fruitfully used elsewhere.

The article will definitely provide food for your thoughts.

Energy incentives are a win-win for new plants
Energy Expert, Peter Garforth says break the heat recovery paradox and replace tax breaks with energy incentives.



Bottom Line Thinking on Energy Use

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As we rush head on with our professional lives, we are pushed to think about environmental friendly operations, energy conservation, waste reduction, cost avoidance etc to make the enterprise bottom lines healthier.

I came across the linked article that covers the energy conservation efforts in so much detail that everything can be understood by total laymen. The landing page has two links under the heading “Introduction” and ten more links under the heading “Identifying the problems”. Each of these ten links leads to detailed descriptions on sub topics. 

Reading the whole document will definitely improve our understanding of the problem and help us on our day-to-day operations. 

Click the link given below to access the landing page:


Cooling Tower Maintenance

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Cooling towers are integral parts of some of the equipment such as DG sets, process air conditioning, chiller plants etc. Cooling towers have all the elements that make them maintenance intensive – raw or chemically treated water, pumps, pipelines, nozzles, high-speed fans, metallic or non metallic housings, closely mounted cooling fins etc.

The constant spraying of warm water when in operation and stagnant water collection when at rest make the cooling tower set up prone to:

  • Corrosion
  • Clogging
  • Scaling
  • Algae growth
  • Contamination
  • Loss in cooling efficiency
  • Loss of treated water through leaks and spray out and evaporation

It is essential to plan the maintenance of cooling towers so as to get the maximum possible efficiency even during the warm and humid seasons.

The linked article gives insight into cooling tower maintenance. Read and be enlightened.   

Maintenance for cooling towers
Ed Sullivan – Protecting process cooling systems from costly summertime ‘fatigue.’

Safety at work becomes an important element while working on cooling towers since it will involve working at heights, slippery surfaces, high-speed fans, chemicals etc.