Selling your ideas to help make improvements in the workplace


How many of us market our “Continuous Improvement” ideas well within the organisation?

My experience is that it is very difficult to bring about even small changes since there is a natural resistance to any change.

I came across this article on marketing your ideas to internal clients and decision makers.

Selling your ideas to help make improvements in the workplace.

Read and hone your marketing skills.


Safety Matters, While Working in Confined Spaces Part 3

This article has been written out of personal and institutional experiences and should not be taken as a formal guideline for working in confined spaces. Please refer to relevant safety manuals before undertaking such work.

This is the third and final part of this series.

Part 1 is an introduction to “Confined Spaces”.

Part 2 contains thoughts on “Testing the atmosphere within confined spaces”, “Isolating the confined spaces”, “Other likely hazards within confined spaces”, “Personal protection gear”, “Support team” and “Training” aspects.

A link to the check list to ascertain safety for entering confined spaces is given below. Please go through. You are welcome to copy, download and use the same if you want to.

Confined Space Entry Safety Checklist

“Work Safe, Be Safe, Live Safe…….Live and Let Live”

Emergency Response Scenarios – Part 1 – Power Disruptions

Emergency Responses

In our day-to-day functioning we come across many minor and major emergencies that cause production losses in industrial facilities and problems for occupants in office environments. How well we are prepared for such emergencies, would decide on the severity of disruptions during such emergencies.

Power disruptions

Regular power disruptions (planned power cuts or failures) and subsequent failures of captive gensets are major causes of concern. We actually need to plan the maintenance for the gensets, treated as a system, and do them diligently so that the system reliability is high. All the watch-keepers and maintainers need to be fully aware about the emergency procedures and all the likely problems in the system as a whole. There is a need to communicate regularly with the internal customers about the following:

  • Team preparedness for meeting the emergencies.
  • Known problem areas with their effect on operations.
  • Effects and impact of power disruptions.
  • Requirement of fuel / oil / critical spares / other consumables to be held in stock.
  • Modifications / replacements of essential assemblies and sub-assemblies of the system to improve reliability.
  • Agreed time lines as an SLA in case of major power disruptions.
  • Escalation process in case of emergencies.

To amplify the effects of emergencies, three scenarios that actually occurred are explained in Parts 2, 3 and 4 with the background and root causes for the accidents. 

Please await for further posts.


MacLellan’s Top N Fit Programme, Chennai

Hi all,

MacLellan organised an Executive Training Programme for the top managers on 23 and 24 July at Chennai.

The Top N Fit Group

The Top N Fit Group, Chennai, Jul 2010

The programme named “Top N Fit” was arranged in collaboration with Dr Brian Purdey of “fmlink”, Australia. Dr Purdey is a well-known thought leader and practitioner of international repute in Facility Management. He is also a lead faculty in Bond University, Queensland and Sydney University.   

27 people participated in the proceedings and benefitted from the same.

Mr Ravi Nair - Inaugural speech

Mr Ravi Nair, MD of MacLellan Integrated Services, India Pvt Ltd, formally inaugurated the training programme held at the Summit Hall in Breeze Hotel, Chennai on 23 Jul 2010.

The programme was structured in distinct sessions covering topics such as

Interactive Sessions

strategic fm, customer orientation, value added services, financial management, service delivery, service quality, leadership and team building, performance management & benchmarking, contracts management, data management and communication. The interactive phases were very lively and the participants actively contributed to the learning process.

The training methodology included group activities and short, time bound  assignments that stimulated the participants to interact with each other and build possible solutions for given case studies.

Group Problem Solving in progress

Such discussions went a long way in building team confidence and achieve bonding.

The group discussions  brought out the best in the people in terms of time management and quick problem solving abilities.

The MacLellan India ” Top N Fit” team committed themselves to carry forward their individual learning through positive actions on their own chosen fields so the MacLellan as a whole is benefited.

Dr Purdey - Concluding Session

The programme concluded by the evening on 24 July. The formal written feedback received from the participants indicated that the first training programme of this genre initiated by MacLellan was well received.

The programme feedback and the other aspects of the conduct of the programme (Things went wrong & right) were reviewed by the MacLellan Management.

How to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

Hi all,

We all, at some time or the other have some disputes with other functional managers on various aspects. One such aspect is the purchase function. In the name of cost control, the FMs may land up with a cheaper product that may work out costlier in the long run in view of higher life cycle cost, maintainability, higher wear and lesser total life etc.

The linked article talks about these aspects. 

How to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership.


Basic Equipment Care Workshops

Hi all,

Here is some food for thought on continuous improvement initiatives. This is related to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

The process is through sessions involving cross functional teams to discuss ways and means of improving the reliability / availability / efficiency / of an equipment or a whole system. This would lead to some savings in the operations of equipment and systems and moreover, improves the team cohesion.

Read the linked article to learn more about it. Try implement on a pilot equipment to try the efficacy of the process.


Time Management Tips

Hi all,

It is very difficult to find HMT watches in the market these days. HMT had a wonderful tag line, “If you have the inclination, we have the time” in their advertising campaigns.

Time is something precious and what we find difficult to manage as we flit around from one task to another, not being able to complete anything on time. We need to focus on managing our time well to be effective in our work and stress free as individuals.

Sachin Tendulkar, when on a roll, finds so much of time to play his shots even against quick bowlers such as Brett Lee. This is because he is prepared for the quick bowling, has practised all types of possible shots, focusses on technique, adapts quickly to every ball as it is bowled and execute the shots.

So what? How does it help me in my struggle to complete day-to-day tasks?

We also could be well organised with set goals, prioritised wok lists, no-nonsense attitude and the inclination to value “Time”.

I came across this wonderful site on “Time management”. The link given below will take you to one of the basic pages on time management. There are other very good articles also for you to explore and learn. Go ahead and enjoy your time and manage it well.