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Kaycee on Board….still

KC Ajith Kumar, known as Kaycee to friends is a mechanical engineer by education. He joined the Indian Navy and thus, the league of  marine engineers;  “Grease monkeys” in naval parlance. He had exposure to operating and maintaining ship  borne mechanical equipment and systems in a few classes of ships during his 23 year stint. He was also associated with deep repair organisations such as naval dockyards, teaching technical and soft skills topics, managing training, machinery condition monitoring, quality assurance of  war ship equipment, overseeing new construction ships etc.

After taking premature retirement from the Indian Navy, he started a second career in Facilities Management with Haden International Group India. He had set up their new contract operations in ISB – Hyderabad, CIPLA – Goa, Intel – Bangalore, Siemens – Bangalore and Siemens – Kharghar before taking up the FMs job at Ford car plant in Chennai. He left Haden for better career options.

After a four-year stint with Citibank, CRS division, Chennai, he rejoined Haden (now named MacLellan Integrated Services India Pvt Ltd) as the Head Training and Resources.

With MacLellan, he was a trainer in technical topics covering HVAC, Genset Ops, Condition Based and Predictive maintenance etc. He also covered soft skills topics such as Leadership, Motivation, Team building, Communication, Decision making etc.

He loves to learn new skills and gain knowledge in diverse fields. More so, he is keen in imparting the knowledge to others interested in learning.

This yearning lead to another twist to his career choice and Kaycee quit MacLellan to try his hands in marketing a CMMS Package related to facility maintenance. He is currently the Executive Director – Business Development of MPulse Software India, a division of InApp Information Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram.

Kaycee has an adventurous bent of mind. He was a crew member on a sailing expedition from Kochi (India mainland) to Minicoy (Indian island in the Arabian sea) in a 32 feet yacht. The profile picture shows him doing sand boarding. He is a keen photographer.

The purpose of this blog is to share information that is available on the net and otherwise with like-minded people.


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